Gold Coast Maternity Photoshoot – 4 essential tips to plan your photoshoot

There is nothing more exciting than expecting a little baby to join your family. Your maternity photoshoot is your opportunity to focus on your bond with your baby and be present.  Take the time to stop and pause for a moment so you can celebrate your growing family that you love so much.

As most pregnant women, you probably have a million questions about everything right now but I’ve got your covered for your maternity shoot. I will give you my 4 tips for a successful session. Let’s go!

Why is it important to prepare for your maternity shoot?

You’ve probably seen your friend’s maternity photos and thought you’d love to have the same pretty pictures of you and your baby bump. Those pictures are so much more than you think…only will you know once they are born. 

They will be on the first pages of your baby’s photo album. One day you will look at those pictures and use them as backdrops to tell her/him their story. Your little one will look at you, the mum they had never met, the person you were before they were born. They will see that you took the time to celebrate their arrival and how excited you were. They will see how much you already loved them…and that’s pretty special. 

That’s the kind of pictures I wish I had of my mum being pregnant with me. And that’s exactly why I am so passionate to document your story, your life together. 

As an experienced Gold Coast maternity photographer, I believe that there are 4 important points to set you up for success.

You need to:

  • Feel good in the clothes you are wearing! Why is it so important? Because if you feel good, you will look amazing!
  • Plan your pampering to avoid any last-minute unnecessary rush and stress
  • Add layers of stories and memories to your beautiful pictures to make them even more meaningful
  • Choose a location that’s in harmony with your home so you can print and display your beautiful memories 

1. How to choose your outfit for your maternity photoshoot? 

If you feel good you will look good! Here are my top tips for planning your outfit for your maternity photoshoot right here on the Gold Coast.

  • Clothes that you feel comfortable in. Avoid restrictive clothing, that are either too tight or aren’t practical. 
  • Clothes that will match your location. This includes both the fabrics and the colours of the outfit. Creams, earthy tones, light pinks will suit a beach shoot really well. For a hinterland option, go with browns, or light blues to contrast with the background. 
  • Textures and layers will transform your pictures and give them a lot of dimension. Laces, soft patterns and  knits will bring moody feelings and emotions to your pictures. Imagine a winter session with mum wearing a beautiful knitted shawl, the sun is setting, the wind is blowing in her hair as she is looking towards the ocean…You can tell exactly how she “feels”! That’s a truly dreamy Gold Coast maternity shoot!
  • Flattering clothes. I have a soft spot for nice long flowy dresses with soft patterns. Long skirts or dresses will give a lot of movement to you photos, beautifully capture your growing belly and are very flattering on any mum. A belt is a beautiful accessory to emphasise your round belly if you wish to. If you’ve chosen a beach session, forget about the footwear, let’s be honest no pregnant woman enjoys wearing shoes!

We will go through a mood board which is curated based on your location and the current season and I’ll help you choose your outfit for the special day. I also have a client wardrobe with beautiful pieces from Australian labels that you can borrow

The last thing you want to do when pregnant is to spend hours in shops looking for the perfect piece!  My favourite labels are Daughters of India, Coven and Co, Shareen or Jaase. Slipping in a beautiful soft dress will make you feel so special…because you are!!!

2. How to add a personal and meaningful touch to your Gold Coast maternity photoshoot?

How special that together we’ll add layers of stories to your pictures. Think of adding some jewellery or accessories that are precious to you and unique to your story. It could be a gift you have received, a special jewellery piece that belongs to a family member, a shawl that was knitted by a special friend. Think brooch, hair piece, bracelet…Every time you will look at this picture you will be reminded of all those meaningful memories. Your photos will become even more special and valuable. 

3. What to do in the leadup to your Maternity Photoshoot?

YOU are the star of the show, time to get pampered! Very often mums forget to plan their pampering leaving it for the last minute and creating unnecessary rush. Plan ahead for a relaxing lead up to your session. 

  • Book an appointment to get your hair done before your maternity photoshoot on the Gold Coast. Go to a hair salon or get an in-home hairdresser to come over, give you a nice head massage and finish with a brushing…You will feel amazing and you deserve it! 
  • Have your nails done. Pick a neutral colour or one that would match your outfit. There will be plenty of pictures showcasing your hands so don’t skip that step! 😊
  • Moisturise your skin. Another thing that is often forgotten. I am sure you are drinking all your water but make sure to moisturise your skin, face, décolletage and especially your belly if you are planning to unveil your glowing bump during the shoot. 
  • Light and discreet makeup – I do recommend you to go with a very simple and basic matte foundation or BB cream. Apply it as thin as possible and golden tones are always a good option. Add a little eyeliner, some mascara and you’re all done! Please stay away from fake tan, we will have a more flattering result by warming up your skin tone in post-editing. The Gold Coast offers the most beautiful lighting for this. 
  • My personal touch to your preparation would be to create a playlist!  Put your favourite songs together and save them in a playlist! Listen to it on your drive to the photoshoot. This will help you relax and remind you to be present. I also have a playlist I am happy to share with my clients for more  inspiration.

4. Where to Have Your Gold Coast Maternity Photoshoot

One of the most amazing things about the Gold Coast is the abundance of options we have! Beach, hinterland, waterfalls, open fields, creeks…but we all know what happens when we have too many options…we spend too much time asking our friend Google for answers! So here are a few pointers that will hopefully help you narrow down your choices.

  • A meaningful or sentimental place – It can be your favourite family spot, a secret creek, your favourite beach or a beautiful park. Maybe you would like to travel down memory lane and go back to the exact spot where you or your partner proposed for your maternity shoot on the Gold Coast. What a story to tell bub!
  • Keep in mind where you will display your prints. It is often an overlooked detail. When you are selecting your location for your maternity photoshoot, ask yourself ‘where will these pictures be displayed in our home?’ Ensure that the style and tones of the chosen location and the room décor will be in harmony. You don’t want those pictures to be left forgotten in a shoe box! 
  • Time of day. You may not realise it but the light is a very large part of what creates a beautiful picture. Some mums have to look after other children in the late afternoon and may not be able to do a shoot at the “Golden Hour” (xxx) . That’s totally fine. In that case, look for a location which has lots of trees and that will offer plenty of shade to create stunning images (and I have a list of Gold Coast locations that do just that!). 
  • We are totally blessed with location options here on the Gold Coast. We have access to some of the most beautiful beaches, the very green hinterland, some pine forest and even gorgeous fields covered with beautiful tall grass in winter that looks amazing at sunset. If you haven’t got any location in mind yet, I am more than happy to take the time to speak with you and decide on which location which help you tell your story best. 

Here you go mama! That’s all my precious advice for your Gold Coast maternity photoshoot. 

Each mum, each family, each story is different. If we work together, I will give you a call ahead of your experience so we can look at the shoot preparation together and in detail. Tailored to you. 

I also like to learn more about your story so I can capture it best when the day comes. I would love to know how the pregnancy is going, how you are feeling both physically and emotionally, if you have enjoyed pregnancy or just can’t wait to meet this bundle of joy. Should you expect a rainbow baby, please let me know, my little one is one of them and we probably have shared experiences and feelings. 

It’s time to capture your story!

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Steph Radurier

October 1, 2021

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