Images have superpowers #1- Images for closure, to grieve

Why am I wrting this Blog?

This is a Story…my Story…that will amybe encourage you to use images to grieve and find peace

The Blog

Amongst all the Goodbyes I haven’t had the chance to say to loved ones over the last few years, I have been allowed a sense of closure during my last trip Home.

As I landed, my grand mother’s funeral had only happened a couple of days earlier and I had missed on another piece of my healing journey.

Yet, a coupe of days after I arrived I found myself in her Home…just as it was left when she went to her retirement Home a couple of years ago…

I am VERY well aware of what it feels like to not have the chance to say Goodbye, so for the first time since moving to Australia 15 years ago, I had the privilege to say Goodbye.

Goodbye to my grand mother…

Goodbye to hundereds and hundreds of evenings spent at her Home waiting for my Mum to pick me up, often quite late, as the night had already set.

Goodbye to memories, tons of memories, playing with my cousin, their beautiful fruit and vegetables garden, my grand father’s daily vegetable soup simmering in the kitchen, the smell of comfort and love, the smell of Home…

…and it was hard, so hard but I felt equaly overjoyed that for once, I was at the right place, at the right time and I could say “Good Bye”.

I made a point to take a lot of photos, being so careful and intentional with what and why I wanted to capture, document…just so I can be sure to relieve that moment as many times as I want and need, to heal and to smell one more time the smell of Love, Comfort and the Good Old Happy days.

My childhood.

This place was the last place that feels like Home to me. It was SO hard to let it go…but how beautiful that I could say “Au revoir” and take my time to grieve…for once.

If you have any quetsions or are coming across a similar situation, please feel free to reach out to me, it woud be my pleasure to guide you and share more of what I have learned goign through this journey

Steph Radurier

March 18, 2023

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