IMAGES HAVE SUPERPOWERS #2 – To say I love you to your children

Why am I writing this article – Images to say I love you to your children

As an only child I have only and always seen photos of myself on the wall. I knew I was loved. I had envidence of it EVERYWHERE.

One day as we went to visit some family members I saw that there was no picture of my son on the wall yet plenty of his cousins…why did I assume within about 5 seconds…they love my son less that him. It is not true (or is it?) but subconsciously it is what I believed (and knew to be true) instantly. I am a grown up and get put perspective, explain that maybe if we were sending them photos of our son he would have a better chance to find himself on the walls…yet a child doesnt have that perspective…and a core belief, a subconscious belief that they will carry all their lives can be created just that easily…”They love me less…They love him/her more…”

I haven’t convinced you yet?…Let me ask you a few questions then.

How do you feel when you see that someone that you love has put a photo of you on their wall?

How do you feel when you see that someone has put a photo of you in their wallet?

As a child, do you remember if there was photos of you on the wall?

Do you know if there was more photos of you or your sbilings onthe wall? (If you are the one who had less photos than everyone…you clearly already know the answer to that question 🙂 ) Did that make you feel more/less important than your siblings?

Yes, seeing our photo on someone’s wall will instantly and subconscioulsy mean something for us. It will be slightly different from person to person, but in all cases the feeling will be overwhelmingly positive.

It can mean:

  • They love me / I am loved
  • They see me
  • I matter
  • I am important for them
  • I am proud

Yes, we all assume children know we love them…yet it is not always that stright forward…if you are familiar with the 5 Languages of Love you might see where I am going. Some people will actually not “hear you say to them “I love you” but will see love in ther form of expressions.

I have a new blog coming up on the 5 Languages of Love and how a photo session can help your child know/see/understand that you love them

Steph Radurier

March 23, 2023

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